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The sweetest guy you will ever meet. Girls will fight over jaxen. so if you ever get your hands on a Jaxen. keep him if you don't you'll most definitely regret losing him. jaxens are usually sporty fun and down to get nasty with you. Jaxens have the cutest smiles that will make your stomach flip upside down. A side effect of falling in love with a jaxen will include the follow
butterflies im your stomach at the sight of a jaxen.

A smile you can't control
And the worst of all jealous toward any girl that has his attention.
girl 1: "do you see that guy over there . . . god he's such a jaxen."
girl 2: "girl go snatch him up before someone else does"
by jasmine890 June 01, 2018
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That guy that's a dare devil and most girls think cute with that amazing hair and are most of the form of A Jackson.
Dude 1:Did you see Jaxen just sceam at that kid with a funny voice.
Dude 2: The kid getting the detention slip.
Dude 1: Yep.
by Jaxens February 14, 2018
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A Jaxen is a species not often found most are male. There is one or two girl Jaxens in the world. Jaxen is a different form of Jackson, Jaxon, Jaxsen, etc.
Dude, Jaxen is so cool.
by elizzzabettthhh October 23, 2017
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founded in 1872, a cheap mineral, mainly founded in the northern atlantic. A kind of rubber
the cheap jaxen is only worth $1.25.
by kellercarver March 15, 2008
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ae verie ugley persone ho hase lotes ofe blacke richardes. Verey gaye ande raps kides.
Jaxen : Noe, Ie Hav BADE grammerse ande neeed toe fudg litle cids.
by gmwftekry May 04, 2018
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