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See Nicole Scherzinger, or Halle Berry, or Kelly Rowland, or Keyshia Cole, or Mariah Carey (when she was younger)
Guy1: Look at that girl over there!
Guy2: Which one?
Guy1: The one with the sexy body!
Guy2: Oh yeah damn she bad asf! I need to get inside of dat sexy body! She got the tits, the ass, MMM!
Guy1: I know!
Guy2: But look at that girl next to her, yikes. She has no body, Ariana Grande lookin' ass! She's 30 years old but looks like she hasn't hit puberty yet, I would not hit that with a 20 foot pole!
Guy1: Yeah me either, I'd probably be accused of pedophilia just because she looks like a 12 year old.
by Icy Wyte December 26, 2017
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