A Boekenhout firstyear most likely living in the A-Block. This is a prestigious title sought-after by many.
Jarre!! Waar is die teekan?

Jarre kom tel my op, eks fucked

Jarre!! Ek soek n broodjie

Jarre!! Kom was my skottelgoed
by Prof Vellem February 27, 2018
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A Mainer term used for those with extremely low intelligence normally classified as retarded.
Tim crawled into the oven today, what a jarr
by Jarr-slave March 21, 2009
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gang that reps Jaycox and River Run and many other Avon locations
Today JARR went and shot up the Lucarrilli household
by popcornfacebrandon July 16, 2009
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A lover, companion and best friend. A man who believes in love and follows his heart. Although he can often get caught up in his Monkey Brain (aka EGO) he somehow always finds a way to come back home. Life is simple for him, which makes being with him humbling and mind awakening. He has a way with how he chooses to live his life which to many may seem complex, however it’s Simplicity at its finest. He is kind, tender and full of emotions, Gentle and loud at the same time. Wise all knowing and a master with his hands. His sense of humor can light up a room. The start to the party the end to the night. He is a person that is called Home.
Jarr your kindness and love has helped me tremendously over the last year, I would be lost without you!
by SDR222 November 24, 2021
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The most savage raged legendary give no shit nickname. Jarr is a pussygrinding bootylicker. So have you ever experienced some serious jarr run and break the American flag In the middle of class if you did well good for you.
Jarr a assgrinding machine that once said to fuck 12 black kids in a garage
by Lil Starr May 7, 2017
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A really cute french guy that makes vines and spreads happiness all around the world through social media, interactions with strangers and through the jerhomies. He is always wearing a big smile and very often motivates people to be happy and love life.
I've just watched the new snapchat story from Jerome Jarre! It's hella rad, makes me wanna smile like crazy!
by ASurpriseParty July 14, 2014
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is a slang word commonly used when you agree with something "- The weather is really hot- Jarre-
"Do you want to eat" "Jarre"
by havavkukar July 8, 2022
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