When you begin reading a page, and blank out thinking about other things. You finally come to, realizing that you read the whole page without ingesting a single word.
She was reading statistics homework when she suffered an acute case of monkey brain. I suppose thats what happens when you do your homework tipsy on the stairs in front of your building at 2:30 AM.
by the girl on the stairs. September 3, 2009
Adjective: Used to describe when you cannot make sense of something, or to describe a person most commonly your friend that has said some dumb shit or is dumb.
Omg! Harry is having a monkey brain moment.
by nahor macca November 2, 2020
Monkey Brain ; Adjective . Used to describe people like youtuber CDawgVA
Garnt : You make litcherally no sense

Joey : That’s because Connor has a monkey brain
by YourMumLover666 May 25, 2021
When someone does something so stupid you're immediate thought is "monkey brain"
by ImperfectTaborsk March 8, 2021
When you pull ur nut-sack out of ur pants/shorts while keeping ur dick in ur pants, thus makeing them look like a monkeys brain
"Hey billy, wanna see some monkey brains?" "sure why not"..........."EEEEWWWWWWW THATS UR BALLS!"
by Rob Echlin July 22, 2004
Someone who is stupider than any stupid person in the entire universe
You're such a monkey brain u lopsided hoe
by DogFriess June 15, 2022