Jarocho designates someone or thing from southern Veracruz, Mexico. Many people who say they are Jarocho mean 100% hot, from Veracruz...
The city is known for its rich traditions of music, including marimba bands, danzonera and comparsa. A special kind of music called "son jarocho", a mix of Mexican folk music and Cuban son, was developed in southern Veracruz state, in and around Veracruz, Veracruz. La Bamba is the most famous example of son jarocho. An equally rich dance tradition parallels Veracruz's unique musical styles.

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by mexican lover May 20, 2006
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Jarocho is a person born in the Eastern coastal Mexican state of Veracruz, the root of the word is the Totonacan word for Jolocho, a long spear used by coastal native north american people for fishing.

Anything related to the state of Veracruz
Ese Jarocho was born in Veracruz
by Mexican 234 dsd January 3, 2017
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A person that was born in Veracruz, Mexico. This isn't a degradatory name, people from Veracruz are proud to be Jarochos, unlike Chilangos (people born in Mexcico, D.F.) that is a term to define pretentious, filthy city rats.

The term jarocho in its literal meaning describes irreverent people, and perfectly describe people from Veracruz, because of their funny attitude and the strong language used in this state of Mexico. People outside Veracruz may find the language too strong because of the repeatedly use of obscenity, but once you understand beyond those words there are very funny, kind, straight, and .. respectfull people.
I'm big time jarocho for ever and ever... and I'm fucking proud of it.

p1: Are you jarocho?

p2: You can bet your mother fucking ass I am (transaltion: yes).
by shaggydagy March 30, 2006
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