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A tall, handsome, and kindhearted guy. Sometime he's socially awkward but you think it's you being awkward because he's so hot. Jarets are known for having brown or dirty blonde hair and a hot body. All the girls are in love with him, especially since he has a nice dick!
Girl 1: Jaret is SOOOOOO hot!
Girl 2:I KNOW RIGHT!!! That truck that hit him most have been awfully big! *looks at Jaret from his elementary years to today*
by Sass Queen 17 April 23, 2016
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A beautiful kind hearted man. People with this name can be a bit stubborn but they usually mean well. Jarets often have brown hair and nice asses with big dicks. They usually like it up the butt and are really sexy.

You need a Jaret in your life.
by Zaccccccchhharrrrryyyy February 15, 2011
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Usually a a joker and atheletic person.... typically dates to many people and makes lots of mistakes...
Gosh that fagot is such a Jaret!!
by Just_a_Dumbass June 05, 2017
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He's a peice of shit that will pretend to be your friend and make stuff up for you to like him but when you don't like him back in the way he wants you too or if you don't give him enough attention he will fuck you over.
(Jaret)He made fun of me being sexually assaulted and said "but did it feel good tho"
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by xxXHotter than your bitchXxx February 27, 2018
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Jaret, a rude Canadian. Usually pronounces "about" "a-boat". He often makes fun of blonde haired American girls. But usually then says sorry after. If he doesn't hear something he will say "pardon" because he is polite. Also, not very attractive
That Jaret kid is such a Canadian
by j.c1998 May 18, 2018
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