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This is a common word among Marines and Sailors who frequent the bars and clubs ALL OVER JAPAN. A Japahoe is not only "Around American military bases" but can come from any part of Japan. More commonly, Japahoes are found in Hiphop and Rap clubs looking for Black American military guys. These American men are taking advantage of these women who do not understand American Culture of hit it and quit it.

Its not called "Buy-me-drink-me" its called "Buy-me-Drinkie" and you will NOT find a Japahoe here. These are snack bars where Japanese men come to have a female drinking companion. If you think you will get ass at a place like this you are SADLY mistaken, and you will probobly loose your genitalia to the local Yakuza for trying to tap that.

The women at "Snack" bars are very good at getting men to spend money, so any time you hear of an American guy hooking up with a Buy-me-drinkie girl, its a flat out lie.
Lets go to Hiroshima and look for some Japahoes this weekend.
by xxzjxx October 23, 2006
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above definition was pretty good, 'cept it's not just around Misawa. Japahoes exist around all U.S. Military bases in Japan (especially Okinawa).
*at a buy-me-drink-me bar*

"to heck with this, let's go bag some japahoes duder"
by duderest August 19, 2005
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