The day when the most amazing people are born. This day is often a holiday, too, because of MLKJ. Be jelly.
Person 1: Kelly was born on January 15th.
Person 2: Dude she must be amazing.
by ballerinasftw January 2, 2012
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Hug,Kiss,or give a hoodie/scrunchie to who ever birthday it is🤪
Hello people who are reading this.January 15
by PandaPeople October 24, 2019
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People born on January 15 tend be sarcastic and are overall pretty chill. These people are of course Capricorns and can be quite blunt. If you get on their good side, they're really caring and can radiate that crackhead energy, otherwise, they're just floating through their own world.
Person A: "When's their birthday? Are they a Virgo?"

Person B: "Nah bro, their birthday is January 15, they're a Capricorn."
by Kxrma October 18, 2019
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January 15th is a day the nicest, kindest, prettiest, awesome-est, funny, caring, loving people are born
Hey, it's January 15 it's Sophies Birthday!
by Louis110806 October 20, 2019
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National Toe-Tip day. You gotta just walk on your toe tips all day. No excuses. No weaknesses.
January 15
Dan ~ *looking elsewhere*
Barry ~"Oh hi Dan"
Dan~*physically gasps, staring at Barry's bloodied toes*"Oh jeez, Barry, what's uh...what's going on with your.. feet man..?"
Barry ~ "DAN YOU SILLY GOOSE. You know it's national Toe-Tip day
by Gu355Wh05B4ck December 6, 2019
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National bitch slap day. Bitch slap anyone you want without getting in trouble.
1. Bitch slap,
The slapping with the back of your hand
2. Guys and girls, watch out on January 15.
by SToNKs masTeR January 15, 2020
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