January 15th is when queens are born! They are smart, pretty, cool and bad ass🤩 Make sure you tell someone Born on January 15th how amazing they are!!👍🏼👍🏼
Friend: You are AMAZING!
Friend 2: what, why?
Friend: you're born on January 15th which means you are Amazing!!
Friend 2: oh thank you!
by PJ_05 November 10, 2019
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National, leave Sam on read day, don’t matter if you’re having a beast of a conversation with him on Snapchat or over text or anything, leave that bitch on read.
Girl 1: Hey u been talking to Sam?
Girl 2: Nah it’s January 15th
by SADNIG January 14, 2020
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Which is today.
Person: Today is January 15th
Other Person: No Shit!
by Ceejus2005 January 15, 2020
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Today is the years first Monthly Sexual Day . This means you can do anything you want with your partner or a complete stranger . It doesn't have to be saying goodbye to your v card it can be touching a part of their body or making out for hours.
"Hey wanna come round to mine and watch netball"
"No im off to my girls house , today is January 15th "
"What does that mean?"
"It means some cheeks are getting slaped"
by Mynamesbigjill January 5, 2020
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The day of the year with no definition, ironically the least used month and day mentioned in TikToks. This day is officially now called Pitbull Day because he was born then (Mr Worldwide.)
"Are you excited for January 15th?"

"Don't you know Chae Hyungwon was born then too!"
by peepsalot October 17, 2019
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National hug-day

It’s January 15th!!!

Go hug your friends!!!
Give em some love man
-omg, it’s January 15th!!
-it’s the national HUG DAY!!!
by Blue_pancake.com January 14, 2021
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January 15th is a new national holiday for limelight's it is when all limelight's get the new why dont we album "the good times and the bad times"
on January 15th im not going to school or work cause the new album is coming out.
by imhereforwhydontwe November 12, 2020
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