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A situation in which one consumes an enormous amount of alcohol, causing an individual to stagger about in a disgraceful manner, rambling on incoherently. Can lead to other embarrassing events such as performing card tricks that don't exist, and walking through ankle deep puddles without notice.
Brian: "Wow, Graham has really pounded through that whiskey tonight!"
Jeff: "Did he drink that entire bottle straight up?"
Brad: "Fucking rights.... He's gonna be sooo Jantzed tonight!"

Indian 1: "Hey Freddy, do you wanna go down to the creek and get Jantzed with me?"
Indian 2: "It sounds great but we'd better hurry...Lunch is in an hour "
by BVatose January 16, 2011
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To initiate intense pleasure to ones life partner.
Jeff: "You Jantzed the hell out of me last night Brian!"
Brian: "I know I did go wash the fucking dishes!"
by BVatose January 18, 2011
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