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She is a sweet caring girl she will always be there for u can tell her anything and when she likes you she'll make sure ur never sad and she loves to play there never a dull moment with her she loves hanging with her friends
Guy: she such a janise
Guy2: fun right
by Crazymonkeyzoo August 24, 2016
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Janise is an sweet and kind female, she is hilarious and if you touch her right she might touch you right back!
You see her over there? She such a Janise
by xoxoHeartless January 12, 2012
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Janise is a very loving person and often is nice unless u give her attitude she is so pretty and often is using her phone and is the most loyal person to date she is fearless and often always find herself eating some good food especially Wendyโ€™s once u claim a Janise keep her she is such a funny person like literally a class clown and no one ever disrespects her or sheโ€™ll put them in there place Janise is thick and often has good taste in clothes once a Janise comes into ur life she will almost be like a guardian protector she is worth keeping in ya life
Everyone loves this one girl Janise she is a blessing and gift from god
by Queen_Real June 28, 2018
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A Janise is a tall fart in a Japanese restaurant.
Oh my gosh, while we were at Hanashima`s, she let out a Janise.
by KYKY2 January 24, 2007
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a farty amazing umbrella that saves you from the rain and always help you when you need it :)
My janise saved me from the storm today.
by meegan2008 January 30, 2009
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Janise is so kind and loyal but she can be rude if u get in her way she into bad boys and she can be rude sometimes she believes in god and she loves her bestfriend almost all the boys are obsessed with her well like 10-15 boys she has lots of friends
Person 1 : dang she cute

Person 2 : it must be a janise
by Yum-yang September 18, 2018
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