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A dance mocking the well-known Tango. Often danced to Tango music, this dance is to be danced with a serious face but a jovial spirit. The point is to be absolutely ridiculous, and has even become a competition to see who, on the dance floor, can pull off the most humorous Jango.

Unknown whether this originated as the Joke Tango, Jive Tango, or named for it's inventor, James Tango.
"Oh look! They are doing the Jango!"

"Did you see James and Alethea doing the Jango? They were fantastic and hilarious!"
by TurbidTurquoiseCrayon March 02, 2010
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Derived from Jango Fett from the Star Wars Movies, meant to be a general name, i.e. ike, dawg, kid, dude
Sup, Jango?
What you want, Jango?
I kill you, Jango!
by amuskindu October 28, 2004
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A random word someone would invent to sound cool.
Random: "Hey guy's check out my word, jango!"
Normal people: "Thats fucking stupid, please stop talking before I shank you"
by Legz Hones February 18, 2008
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A singular word used to express the fruition, or soon to be fruition of an accomplishment or deed.

Usually an excited tone is used.
Jango! I've got the toaster oven working!

Just put the screw in there and Jango! You're good to go!
by Michael Fennings April 17, 2008
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Used as an insult it originates from the bounty hunter Jango Fett in the Star Wars Movies.
Meaning someone who is of the Dark Side, with more literal meanings being 'dick', 'fool', idiot', 'jerk' and so on.
"He's such a fucking jango"

"Oi! Jango! You're in my seat!"
by !david clarke! May 29, 2007
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When a man is getting "head" and is about to ejaculate he forces the head giver's face balls deep and makes the head giver gag. If no gag occurs then it is an attempted jango.
by Capitan Jango April 03, 2010
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