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The most amazing girl any guy could ever ask for. Always funny, sweet, gorgeous, and'll have the most amazing eyes you've ever seen in your life. She'll give you more chances once you break her..and you should cherish that. Once you lose her you'll break the fuck down. You'll love her more than anything, she'll be the best thing that ever happens to you.
I love you, Janelly.
by Jason C. (: August 07, 2011
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To hold a fluid in your mouth as you consume a solid snack to enhance the flavor of both
"If you eat milk and cookies, you should JANELLY that bitch. Take a bite of the cookie, a sip of milk, and swish it all around"
by Raviadso May 19, 2015
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A Janelly is a total whore & she will give you many chances but once you keep breaking her heart she gonna get over you & she doesn't know how to keep her legs closed 😂
"Janelly" she loves to get ganged banged
by Allyson Servin June 13, 2018
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