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A girl that is very attractive and has the perfect body shape ! Big butt big boobs a beautiful face! She's caring, athletic, funny, sweet, smart , etc . She's shy at first then becomes outgoing .She plays hard to get! She helps people out a lot and is sensitive. She's faithful trustworthy respectful etc in a relationship ! I wouldn't let her go cause she's a KEEPER ! She loves to play fight and she doesn't like saying no . She's strong and doesn't put up with anybody's bullshit ! She doesn't fear people at all. Everyone loves Janasia and loves to be around her . Janasia loves everybody to
by Instaanon October 17, 2013
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A very sweet girl who is shy and sensitive at first. She's caring and tries her best to make people happy when they are down. She's trust worthy in relationships and is the jealous type. She loves to play around with others and have fun. Sometimes she like to fight, and she grows feelings for others fast. She's beautiful, smart, intelligent, sweet,etc. You could trust her with any thing.
Boy 1- Janasia She's beautiful
Boy 2- i call her
Boy 3- nooooo
by jalill January 03, 2013
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