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Jalin is a thot boy. You can see him chilling with all of the bitches most of the time. If you dont like Jalin, you probably dont get bitches.
Look at that Jalin over there with all the bithces. wish i was a Jalin
by DefineArealNigga May 10, 2016
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Jalin is a boy loves his girls and his family and is girlfriend.
Jalin respects is girl.
by 21savagealways October 30, 2018
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name used to describe a female/male with a large chest and usually a small figure.
That chick has large breast, she's a Jalin.
by stunninq. June 28, 2008
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A girl that has hoes and is fine as fuck
I wish i could have jalin's life she so damn fine and she has hella hoes
by Thicc b June 08, 2017
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jalin is a name for either male or female but the jalin that i'm defining is a female. She is so fine but she doesn't think she is. She is gay. she is always smiling but if you make her mad i promise you she is gonna either cuss you out or punch yo ass. i'm just saying. so don't mess with her. she is a friendly person but she don't fuck with everybody. so if you are her friend that's called a meracle!!!!
mckenzy: she so fine
jalin: thxs
by darkskinn niya August 18, 2018
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