A name for a stupid ass pussy ass crop little nigga with a fucked Up hairline and a lil dick.
Also can be used to call someone gay/homosexual/Trang/faggot/Kendall Jenner
Hey that Jalen Hendrix kid is a fucken bitch ass nigga for not getting me cookies !!
by Skinny Penis J April 16, 2018
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Jalen Lee is the best person to ever exist in this world. He is caring, smart, ambitious, sexy, athletic, hot, and nice. He is the PERFECT friend, boyfriend, and husband. But too bad because this perfect man is Ashley’s ❤️
“His name is Jalen Lee”
by ashash10 November 23, 2021
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Jalen is a fellow with away with his minge, He wishes to get bummed by Tiram, Megan and BBgibo all at once. Jalen's are people with incredibly high lesbian testosterone. Jalen is also someone that you must keep away from jake's, he gets incredibly horny around Jake's. Jalen's also like to consider themselves to have a very diverse group of friends even though he plays 2k mobile by himself to try to stay relevant. Jalen is also the slowest thing anyone has ever seen, that is until you take his belongings or show him chocolate. Jalen is also horrible at social interactions with guys and girls, some feel sorry for him as he tries so desperately hard to make good interactions however they end up turning out gay or with him pinching someone in the bum.

astly Jalen loves to be sack wacked, he takes pleasure in it
Shoutout to Jalen Metierre, you can ligma ballsack
by Jalen's pet spider July 19, 2021
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He has a twin brother who sucks pee pee and his mom sucks pee pee because it runs in the family,he also enjoys throwing it back because his mom a th*t and he is dumb as a box of rocks
Jalen mitchell

is dumb
by Stopstop123 April 21, 2018
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Is a chubby kid in 8Th Grade that is in LUST with Edda Martinez

A girl he know he will never get as long as Cody Kolo is in the way!
A chubby kid named Jalen Presley
by derrickroseis1 June 28, 2012
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Mr. “I got 81 points dropped on my head
Jalen Rose: *exists*

Kobe Bryant: Im bout to end this mans whole career
by Pooh Shiesty July 28, 2021
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