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Dude that’s plays basketball. He went to Gonzaga and led the Bulldogs to a Final Four in 2021. He is listed at 6 foot 5 inches at 205lbs and primarily plays as a point guard but will occasionally play as shooting guard.
by Biden is a dick April 2, 2021
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Someone who is very smart,loving ,caring and athletic. She is always smiling or laughing, sometime she has her bad days but most of the time it is good. Also she is always dancing. Everyone wants to to be her friend. She always bring positive energy to the group and everyone should just get them a jalen
Ooh I love that girl name jalen I need me one of her
by Love chloe104 December 5, 2017
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A gay orgy up too 6 men have to shit and piss in a bucket and the last one to shit and piss in the bucket has too lick the rest of the mens butts clean and fingering their ass holes.
I almost puked when a Dirty jalen pow had to lick pows asshole.
by Dig buck November 16, 2021
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when someone does you dirty and acts tough about it.
pull a jalen: stealing from you and then wanting to fight your friend.
by yuh yuh nigga February 11, 2019
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To have, or contain teeming (to be full of) confidence.
Jalen: I swear to god y'all are so fucking ass.

Steve: Hey guys, he's Pulling a Jalen again.

Jalen: Fuck you Steve.
by Wutayalookinat March 22, 2020
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An individual who is caught up with the latest happenings and goings ons and can educate others so we all remain hip and coolio.
"What does this meme mean?"

"I don't know, let's ask a Jalen."
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