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Jaidan is the name of a guy that is so amazing, hes smart, cool, popular, hot af, and tons of fun. You'll never find someone like him. He's the most lovable, most caring person in the world. When they fall in love they fall hard. They can make some stupid mistakes but you won't be able to stay mad at them... They will be one of the best people you ever know. ❤️
Sammy- 'You see Jaidan over there?'
Bob- 'Yea that's Kacies boyfriend right? Haven't they broken up like twenty times'
Sammy- 'yeah, but she keeps coming back'
by Burakovsky April 03, 2017
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A girl who is always called beautiful but knows its not true because she is self conscious and can't get a man.
by littleunknown__3 November 09, 2017
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Jaiden~ SO MUCH FUN! You can always count on Jaiden to give you a good time! He protects, loves, and defends you like a boyfriend, but insults, physically injures, and jokes like a best friend! You don't have to know him very long before you love him! *whispers* But watch out, cus dang that boy can hurt you!! Generally has tons of friends.
Jaidan is one of the funniest people in your class, if not he should change his name
by who's that bitch September 07, 2012
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The most amazing girl you’ll ever meet but she won’t love you back because she always too good for you cuz she’s a heckin goddess
Get fucked Micheal you thought you could handle a relationship with Jaidan
by TheFriedBlueUnicorn November 22, 2018
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