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Jahvon is very hot. He loves his family and the person he is with. He has a lot of haters but they don't bother him. He is very funny and brave. He will do anything for the one girl he is with.
Do you know Jahvon he is so funny

Jahvon is so handsome!
by Chargers1307 October 05, 2016
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is a very hot guy. he is a likable person to many but also hated by many too. hes a person who will fall in love with an amazing girl that will do anything for him but he continues to play her. hes truely an ass to girls for no reason. hes a person that cares more about ugly ass bitches and sluts then the person he said he would marry. hes also a person who doesnt see that he has a good girl that loves him and that has been waiting all summer for him while he fucks m.w. and talks to sluts like m.v. he can go fuck himself<3
"Did you hear wat jahvon did to his ex girlfriend?"
"Yeahh, that nigga's stupid as fuck!"
"Damn straight, she was good to him."
by sdfgvhbnj August 28, 2011
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