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a really handsome, tall boy with great hair. also is very athletic & typically loyal to females.
Wow his name must be Jahsiah with the way he looks.
by treeshybinoffit May 14, 2018
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A really athlectic person with a hot body and nice abbs. also an allstar football player with an enourmous shalang
wow dude!! you play ball like jahsiah..youre really good
by mr. snuggy cumm March 19, 2009
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A bad ass black bitch, who will put you in your place if you mess with her. But she is very beautiful and she can be kind and funny when she wants to be. She is a good person to have as a friend because she will defend you no matter what :)
"I want Jahsiah as a friend, she's so cool"
by ThickySiah June 25, 2018
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