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This is a variant of the Arabic name Jaffar and it means "stream". This was the name of the brother of Imam Ali, who was killed fighting against Byzantium in the 7th century. According to tradition, he later appeared to the Prophet Muhammad in the form of an angel."Jaffer" is only used for males.
Jaffer is the most intelligent boy in the school.

Person1: What do you think of Jaffer?
Person2: umm..he's charming but I think he's a little bit full of himself.
Person1: I think he's the nicest person I've ever met.
by CoLD FiRE January 31, 2009
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Something that exceeds one's expectations...something which you regard to be of sheer excellence. Derived from the Rhyzo school of linguistics!!
Have you seen the new Paris Hilton home porno...its an absolute JAFFER!!!
by Burnsie January 20, 2005
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An individual who puts others first and truly enjoys a good time, origin in the T dot.
Sheri, Nancy, Shannon and Caroline are complete Jaffers!
by Jafferella January 29, 2005
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When someone is very cocky doing something easy which leads to an epic fail.

The word comes from the Canadian politician Jaffer who thought the Conservatives respected him thus portraying his family and followers as an epic fail.
The Leafs were going to score on an open net, but missed after showing off and fell into the boards. One hell of a jaffer.
by adamajid9 November 21, 2011
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A professional gaffe or lapse in judgement by a well-known public figure (especially a politician). A mistake of epic proportions.
I used my wife's office on Parliment Hill to make long distance phone calls for phone sex; what a huge Jaffer that was

Dude, I think that quitting your job scouting for the New York Yankees to break into porn might have been a total Jaffer.
by DeMinimisD April 27, 2010
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A pre-pubescent boy,esp. as one taunted into having ill-advised sex with older ladies. Provocative statement hinting at male virginity.
Wayne Rooney was such a jaffer with the granny.
by misanthropyleveller December 07, 2011
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