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1. n. describes a person who commonly engages in the act of boning as much as they possibly can.

2. n. a small furry, yet extremely horny rodent, who fucks with such high intensity that their heart/lungs may burst.
1. Keith is such a jackrabbit.

2. I bet Peter and his girlfriend fuck like wild jackrabbits.
by CPepe December 19, 2005

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v. the act of stealing, swooping, or snaking something. usually the person who has been ninja'd upon does not realize it for a little while, and then they are mad when they find out that something of theirs has been ninja'd.
Hey man you ninja'd my chair. Why the hell did you ninja my book, Jordan?
by CPepe September 20, 2005

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n. one of two amino acids found in the artificial sweetener aspartame. look on the back of any diet soda bottle.
Hubby: phenylalanine is such a savage word, bro.

Pepe: yeah, its vicious.

by CPepe December 19, 2005

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