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A impoverished creature of black skinned appearance residing in and around the 10030 zip code of New York, which serves no productivity to any community bar the drugs community.
They're characterized by they're abysmal dental hygiene, they're obsession of the song "Young Forever", they're constant hunt for small change and they're love of Four Loko.
"The world should be cleansed of them Jackorony's." Adolf H

Son: Dad... Who goes to prison?
Dad: Jackorony's

Black person: I swear i'm innocent.
Judge: No you're not you Jackorony.
by Nigel_Cramer October 26, 2010
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A member of the harlem community, found mostly encompanied by fellow Jackoronys on street corners and procastinating outside Popeyes Chicken. Characteristics of this community are addiction to crack, grape soda and harassing 'white boys'.
That absolute jackorony ripped me off the wanka
by Nigelella October 14, 2010
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