A man’s RAPID motioned sex style that gives ZERO PLEASURE to a woman. Jackhammering is a style used by AVID PORN WATCHERS.
“He was jackhammering me and it hurt my vagina.”
by Lagtx February 24, 2019
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sex position that is as follows...
the girl is lying off the bed with her shoulders/neck on the ground and torso against the bed, she is required to hold her legs back as far and wide as possible so we can begin. You start by bending ur boner down so that you are able to stand with your legs wide and thrust in a downward motion into her pussy (like a jackhammer). you then increase speed and many will at this point adopt the superman stance. meaning you place a chair 1 to 2 feet beyond her head on the ground and grab the sides so you are parallel to the floor and are able to use your hip thrusters to pound away at the pussy. this develops great lats and abs, while also feeling great on ur downstairs. The Jack hammer
"after amanda thought she was creative with the reverse cowgirl, i decided to throw her off the bed and let the jackhammering begin on her pussy, i have never seen so many o faces at one time"

I jackhammered the shit out of that dime piece from nebraska
by swamppeople June 14, 2011
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A sex position when you hold a girl upside down and spread her legs to resemble the handles of a jackhammer while doing this you pound your penis in the girls vagina causing her to go up and down like a jackhammer
I did The Jackhammer last night
by AntonioH June 17, 2012
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A sex position that near no woman likes. Like literally zero. MEN, read that last sentence again. And if you feel triggered I would urge you to look at the fact that maybe your ego is being hurt right now because instead of doing proper research you just went off some porn hub shit. Lookup a women's life website like cosmo... now THERE'S what women want in their sex articles. But since you probably won't because you're going to pass this off as just one woman's opinion let me share a fact. ONLY 1/4 women orgasm from penetration alone, let alone you treating their sacred heavenly space as something to be literally destroyed with the god-forsaken jackhammer move of yours. JUST DONT.

Also if for some reason you also incorporate this into your hand actions when fingering something, especially if your fucking fingernails are not cut, I speak for all women when I say you are SATAN and we despise you. GO FOR THE CLIT YOU DIPWADS.


Representative of the Vajayjay support group
Callie: I swear to god, the next man that tries jackhammering me thinking he's doing something is going to get it bit off.

Mike: Man last night I started jackhammering her with my fingers and she screamed asking if I was trying to claw her inside out

Dan: Jesus Christ with the look of those long-ass nails looks like you fucking were. Besssssides its the clit you want to pay ALL of the attention to dumbass.
by your vajayjay queen May 6, 2021
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The go to manoeuvre of the sexually inexperienced or inept. Popular among teenagers it is characterised by deep fast thrusting with no build up or body contact besides P2V. Made infamous by SATC 'the jackrabbit'.
Girl1: I karate kicked jack out of bed last night.
Girl2: Sex that bad
Girl1: All the guy knows how to do is 10 mins of the jackhammer. I miss orgasms.
by carrie94 June 20, 2018
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Jackhammer: prolific male porn star known for his massive schlong and unrelenting thrusting.
Rod: You ever watched a Jackhammer movie? That dude can really lay the pipe. I watched Escape from Van Nuys last night. Tons of hot chicks.

Peter: Yeah, I know that dude. He was in Butt Pirates a few years back.

Rod: Jackhammer was in Butt Pirates? No way.
by Moblspank November 2, 2023
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when a man is having sex really fast like when jacking off hence jackhammer.
he was going so fast, he just kept jackhammering Me. it is not fun Having sex with him
by ooma90 December 13, 2007
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