Jacks are classy people. They almost always have smooth skin that the ladies looove, and likes to stay out of drama! But, when a Jack gets into drama, he always backs off. A Jack is astonishinly good with th le ladies and can get pretty much any girl. We also cannot forget about their hair! A true Jack has nice, flowy hair and styles it amazingly. Jacks eyes are the best quality of him, and they always pop out and say, "I am rare, dont forget me."
Girl 1: Omg! Jack just asked me out! What should I say?
Girl 1's concience: Of course say yes! Hes is so sexy and nice and he will treat you well!"
by Thezach25 May 25, 2017
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The cute friendly stranger who ends up becoming your best friend in the whole entire world. The guy who you can't get over when you think you've lost him. The guy who knows how to forgive, and never give up on people.

Jenny is lucky to have found Jack, because he is a better gift than anything you could buy with money, and anything you couldn't with love.

by speedilegs8 September 01, 2012
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a man, of usually an older age, who is the man. he does whatever he pleases and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. he has a good sense of humor and can be found often laughing at his own jokes. he likes to tell younger men about his stories from back in the day, and most of the stories are legendary. he is respected by all who walk among him. (JACK must be spelled with all capital letters)
"that man over there is JACK and is always telling me crazy stories about his glory days."
by Michiganfan4 November 18, 2009
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Absolutely nothing; a shortened form of jack shit or jack squat and a synonym of diddly.
Your wife: "Hi honey...my, you're home late. What did you do today?"
You: "Jack."
Your wife: "How was your day at work?"
You: "What? Where's my dinner?"
by Nick D February 24, 2004
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A derogatory name used for the Australian Police Force made famous by the TV show Underbelly.
Fuck there are so many jacks around these days
by Jonny AA November 15, 2008
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The most sexiest guy in the world. The best thing since cataract surgery and thank God for that because you would not want to miss out on gazing on such beauty and charm. Exceptional friend, boyfriend, lover and father. His uniqueness drives you wild and his charm transports you into a world of fantasy. Despite the fact there's many girls after him at the moment, there will only be one girl that his heart yearns for and she's not too far away. He loves soccer, exquisite threads, sex, pizza and chilling out with his friends rotating the chat driven shisha. Get yourself a Jack if you don't already have one because you need him in your life. No Jack No Life! Love you baby...
Jack looks so hot in his Hugo Boss Suits
by taintedtruelove August 13, 2017
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