Word used in the Hispanic Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba) to denote a person who is of mixed Black and White ancestry but who has white skin and African features either in curly or kinky hair, a wide nose, or full lips. In the US they'd likely be high-yellow, but in the Caribbean they have their own grouping. It is a descriptor. The feminine equivalent is jabaa.
"¿Quién es el chaco jabao de Santurce?"
"Ese es Víctor Soriano"

"Who's the jabao guy from Santurce?"
"That's Victor Soriano"
by applesaucechi April 26, 2022
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In Puerto Rico,jabao is a person that parents are mixed race, like black and white. The person comes with light skin, but hair and other features looks like the black ones, like kinky hair, broad lips, wide nose.
Tom Perez is from a minority ethnicity, a jabao. Dominican mixed race.
by Anacahuita February 26, 2017
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Latin American word, used in cuba to call people whom have white skin and crimped hair. Used as nickname too.
Hola jabao.
Hi jabao.

Tu eres jabao.
You are jabao.
by mcm666yo May 5, 2009
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A Cuban word meaning mulatto or light-skinned with African features
Como casí todos los boricuas son jabaos creen que la palabra es de ellos y se ofenden cuando los Cubanos les corrigen

Por lo menos tenemos blancos
by george305 September 13, 2020
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