One of the most beautiful amazing girls you will ever meet. She ain't fake, she gone stick by your side as long as you do the same with her. She is very athletic and plays many sports. She is really goofy and fun to be around, she will make you smile everyday, even when your not in the mood. When you first meet her she will be shy, but once you get to know her more she go be wildin out. She is also a very caring person that cares more about people then herself. Don't ever get an attitude with this girl because she gone snap back and get an attitude back.
That's Jaas!, you'll definitely want to be friends with her when you see her.
by stunnig September 3, 2018
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Origins of Jaa come from the German word Gundershind, meaning Yes.
John: Did you screw Shirley dude?
Bob: Jaa, and it was terrible.
by Homie G October 4, 2004
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Standing for “Juicy Ass Asshole”

People with good personalities got that JAA
“Wow, dem football boys got that JAA”
“Have you seen that JAA?”
by skidney November 6, 2020
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do you like cookies?


knock knock..etc.
by kakaaaaaa September 21, 2009
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Crazy martial artist from Thailand.He practices in the ancient art of Muay Thai and his moves are quick, powerful and insane. His movies are quite lame, but the fight sequences are great.His best movies out so far is Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong.
Tony Jaa will kick the shit outta Jean Claude Van Damme, that Transporter guy and Billy Blanks.
by rQ_Tek519 January 1, 2006
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Born Panom Yeerum, Tony Jaa is a bone-breaking martial artist turned movie star hailing from Surin, Thailand. Jaa studies in Muay Thai, a popular kick-boxing fighting style which strongly makes use of the knees and elbows (the hardest parts on your body). His popular films include Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior and Tom-Yum-Goong (also called Warrior King or The Protector).
Random #1: "Look at all those people in that hotel lobby!"

Random #2: "Tony Jaa will break all their bones."
by Tony D. Romano September 27, 2006
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the most kick ass martial arts fighter. Ever. He could kick the shit out of Chuck Norris. His innocence just makes his justice-dealing even more badass. Basically, he's a true G.
O MY GOD!!! Tony Jaa just kneed that guy...IN THE FACE.

P.S. Don't let him do a flying squirrel into you, you'll die a horrible death.
by nolimitsoldier November 13, 2006
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