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A judge on American Idol, British Idol, Pop Idol and other idol shows. He is seen wearing the same shirt on every episode and likes to talk shit about people.
Is Simon Cowell pumpin' Paula Abdul??
by rQ_Tek519 December 20, 2004
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A Beautiful country wit' Fine Ass Females..,only thing you gotta watch out, is fo' tha landmines ,but other than that a nice place to live.
Damn Viet Gurls are the best.
by rQ_Tek519 January 29, 2005
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Crazy martial artist from Thailand.He practices in the ancient art of Muay Thai and his moves are quick, powerful and insane. His movies are quite lame, but the fight sequences are great.His best movies out so far is Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong.
Tony Jaa will kick the shit outta Jean Claude Van Damme, that Transporter guy and Billy Blanks.
by rQ_Tek519 January 01, 2006
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3 Dangerous MC's from South Suicide Queens, NY. Freddro Starr, Sticky Fingaz and Sonsee.., All their albums are fire and they speak their minds.A Rap group that nobody wants to beef wit'.
The Truth ,tells it like it's real.
by rQ_Tek519 January 26, 2005
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Bone Thugs and Harmony, Rap Group consisting of 4 members Wish, Krayzie, Layzie and Bizzy and also Flesh (the 5th dawg).
BTNH is the best rap group ever.
by rQ_Tek519 December 02, 2004
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A new breed of people, a mix of Vietnamese and Italian normally found in large immigrant communities where there are a lot of Vietnamese and Italian people (i.e New York, Toronto{ largest Italian community outside of Italy, 3rd Largest Vietnamese community in N.A}, Chicago and many parts of America and Canada.
Vietaliano is the best mix of people you can find, any race mix with these two nationalities is good.
by rQ_Tek519 December 30, 2005
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One of the tightest rapper from Wu-Tang Clan, also an actor who appear in several hood movies, did a biddy on some robber charges.
Man, Shy got the game lock'd sown!!.
by rQ_Tek519 December 01, 2004
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