He is a somewhat nice guy and can be trusted. They all love Casey and crazy cats. However, they can also be very testing and can make you want to rip your hair out. Annoying but nice.
Where ever you find Casey, you're sure to find Jaafar.
by Laptop girl December 28, 2019
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The single most popular motherfucker in existence. Elvis Presley popular...

Matt; dude You're so fucking popular you won prom king

Jaafar; you don't even know the half of it man, I had sex with the entire cheerleaders team
He defines popularity, he's a jaafar
by #oracle #wisdom January 6, 2017
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Jaafar stop fucking the whole cheerleading team!
by jeffrysheffry October 22, 2019
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He gets bummed every day and he broke a dildo machine
No (Jaafar ) don't break another dildo machine
by #BUMMED JAAFAR September 7, 2015
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He's the teenage son of Jackson 5 bassist Jermaine Jackson and Colombian hoe Alejandra Oaziaza. He's uber sexy and gets just as much attention from the teenage girls as his cousin Prince Jackson. He does karate and bought a stun gun online with a credit card. The boy is bad. He's also a model so you know he's fit. And it is Jaafar not Jaffar. Learn it.
OMJ! Did you see those pictures of Jaafar Jackson in Hawaii? HOT STUFF!
by illnevertell999 July 2, 2010
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Ali is a jewish originated name, it was made popular by Prophet Muhammads uncle, Ali Ibn Abu Talib. Cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. In 656 he became the last of the "rightly guided" caliphs. The fourth of the caliphs or successors of Muhammad, was born in Mecca. His father, Abu Talib, was an uncle of the Prophet, and Ali himself was adopted by Muhammad and educated under his care.

While a boy, he distinguished himself by being one of the first to declare his adherence to the cause of Muhammad. Some years afterwards he married the Prophet's daughter Fatima Zahra. Ali proved himself to be a brave and faithful soldier, and when Muhammad died without a male heir, some thought Ali to have the best claim to succeed Muhammad. Not until 656, after the murder of Uthman, the third caliph, however, did Ali assume the title of caliph. Certain conspirators later claimed that he took no steps to prevent this murder, but other sources claim that Ali sent his sons to defend Uthman, and was angered when they were unable to protect him.

The question of Ali's right to succeed to the caliphate is an article of faith which divided the Muslim world into two great sects, the Sunni and the Shia. The Sunnis believe that the prophet chose Abu Bakr to be the first caliph, while the Shia believe that he chose Ali. Ali did not challenge Abu Bakr or any of the later caliphs, however, but rather served as an advisor to them.
Muhammad Ali Jaafar is actually 都没你的甜八月正午的阳光都没你耀眼热爱 105 °C的你
by Wo I Beijing Tienamen December 11, 2021
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Jaafar is a name often worn by guys so handsome that they make you doubt your sexual orientation, but it also designates absolute perfection, he likes fortinte and green doritos with chili that itches but not too much either, in addition he does sand hockey and grass surfing to hydrate the skin.
We think that if you not have this name just go kill urself.
Jaafar is a beautiful men.
Jaafar is really hot.

Jaafar is absolutely amazing.
by Miam1773 November 20, 2021
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