a form of laughter derived from the Spanish spelling of "ha ha ha." However, it is still pronounced with the traditional English 'J' sound, often implemented by jaded American Spanish students.
by J Master Funk July 25, 2005
In German the word Ja (Yes) used twice in succession means "Kiss My Ass"
American Customer: Hurry up with that beer

German Bartender: Ja Ja
by Stevo! March 31, 2009
A Typo for "Ha ha" or spanish for "ha ha"
"Omg, u r soo funny, ja ja"

by Awesomeness. March 7, 2005
JAS (adjective)

Originated in the Western Cape, South Africa this word has various meanings.

Firstly "Jas" can refer to anything satisfactory.

"This pasta is Jas"

"Wow, this remix is Jas"

It can also be used in a sentence to further express a job being completed well.
"The way Ash mauled that weed was Jas"

"Charlie jus hit the most Jas bong I've ever seen"
The last example emphasizes the manner in which Charlie hit the bong (as being impressive) however could also refer to the size of the bong (large).

"Jas" can also be used as a sarcastic reply to a question or incident to express the stupidity of the question or incident.

After breaking the first bong, Josh then asked if he could borrow the new one.

In reply Reg exclaimed : "Are you JAS?"

Implying - "are you being for real?" or disbelief at the question even being asked.

Lastly and most commonly it is used as a single word to express extreme happiness or pleasure at a certain situation or circumstance.

After Drey bought JC a Big Tasty from McDonalds JC expressed his happiness by simply saying - "Jas"


Marisa walks into the room wearing nothing but her towel

Andy replies by simply saying - "Jas"
Drey - "Wow, this remix is Jas"
by Mushy Mountaineering ™ December 13, 2011
Acronym used to describe "juul and skate", a good pass time with mates
"yo me and my buddy are gonna go jas at the rink tmrw you finna come thru?"
by furdaboyz118 January 16, 2021
A girl who is going through a lot mentally but still wears a smile which brightens up everyone elses day. She is beautiful inside and out, but does not know this. She worries a lot but she still pulls through everyday. She is strong and brave. Loads admire her.
Person: Jas you're beautiful
Jas: (thinks: I am not) - thank you.
by its.thatgirl April 11, 2015
She’s quirky and the most open minded person you will ever meet. She’s always down to meet up and will take you on adventures to places you never knew existed. She is fucking awesome and will always be there for you! She understands the importance of how life around her is adapting. She may love you very much but will cut you off if you are toxic in any way. She doesn’t take any shit! She will easily back you up but if your on the wrong side of things she will tell you. She is a very honest person but builds up her walls and doesn’t put herself before you. If you have a Jas in your life be fucking thankful because you will never meet someone as special and worthy as they are.
ohh look it’s Jas!’ …
‘wow! isn't she amazing’
by ~mrs mysterious May 10, 2021