The coolest house of dudes in the freaking world.
"Bro you're going to JP!?!?!?!?!"
"Yeah bro do you know where that is?"
"Bro dude of course its like the coolest house around bro!"
by garfode55 August 26, 2019
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Jiggly Puff. A girl that is very fat but thinks they are good at everything. They try to play sports but cannot because of their weight.
We nicknamed a girl “JP” because of how overweight she was
by Penisfucka December 10, 2019
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usually a person with a pretty big penis, and a great personality to match. it could stand for initials, while also sneakily meaning Jumbo Penis.
I love my J.P., he’s such a Taurus and so good in bed.
by ilovemybabyboyfor3ver January 28, 2019
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Just pooping/What people say when they are asked what they are doing when they are taking a shit
Friend: hey what are u doing?
Me: oh I’m jp why?
by Hippo shayte April 25, 2019
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junior pothead. still in the beginning years of being a stoner
he’s so high he can’t hang. what a jp”

“back in the jp days
by luciturd February 18, 2020
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He's the sports guy!
"Hey, did you watch the Sharks game?"

"No, how was it?"

"I didn't watch. Ask JP, he watched it, he's the sports guy!"
by shipoopiegamer32 October 08, 2019
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