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An internet acronym for the expletive phrase "Jesus Mother-Fucking Christ!"

A coarser version of JFC.
"I crashed my car today."
"Oh no! You alright?"
"I'm fine, but I crashed into a group of pedestrians. I think one of them was killed."
"Yeah, a little girl in a wheelchair. Doubt she would've survived that.."
by NerdPerfect December 11, 2008
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One of the baddest mother fuckers you will ever meet, niggas wanna be him, haters can’t see him, every trap rap song was written for him.
Dude1–Did you see that dude get thrown out the club last night for throwing too much money on the strippers?

Dude2–What a JMFC!
by Slamberjay August 04, 2018
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abb. for Jesus Mother 'Freaking' Christ. Used to fight the overusage of omg.
jmfc! this is taking forever!
by Angelarm_Katie December 22, 2005
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