1. just kidding loser
2. just kidding lol
3. that one guy Johnny Depp played in that SpongeBob episode
1. P1: ILY
P2: :'(

2. P1:Ur my best friend!
P2: I Hate you!!!!
P1: :(

3. Johnny Depp character: that was your first lesson in surfing.

SpongeBob & Patrick: WOW.
by xxx~Nemo~xxx July 26, 2009
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An acronym used to shed any responsibility for possible hurt feelings after trash talking the Saskatoon Dinosaurs goalie. Originally the complete phrase was used; "Just kidding Lewis" but to reduce the effort and keep up with the times it was eventually shortened to JKL.
You're a sieve. JKL... You go down as much as Knutson's mom. JKL ( In this case the JKL was used both for the intended target and the unfortunate collateral of referencing Knutson's mom.)
by OT July 13, 2017
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an abbreviation of the text, "just kidding loser" to defend or take back ones words after said to a sensitive person.
"hey what's up?"
"i can't be seen talking to you."
"fine bitch"
by BANZER June 24, 2009
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Short form for "just kidding, lol". Mostly used in chats. created and copyrighted by numericnox
by numericnox October 28, 2005
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