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Someone who cannot be matched in either looks, skill, or both.

It is an abbreviation for someone that you "just can't match."
Bill: Wow he's good at basketball!
Ted: Yeah, he is JCM.

Jill: He is so hot!
Mary: He's JCM!
by Z factor February 05, 2011
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the act or acts of throwing a massive wad of bills at an exotic dancer(aka stripper hoe), in an aggressive manner, and to the point where the money makes a loud smacking noise.
"Yo man, that stripper hoe got red marks on her ass from your JCM!"

"Jonathan just JCM'd that stripper hoe!"

"Her ass so big I could have JCM'd her a mile away!"
by WaneWorld February 04, 2013
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It means Jordan City Made. Jordan city is hood. They not built how we built. GanG GanG You have to be from Jordan city to be JCM. Jordan City 4L
Them boy from Jordan CITY (JCM) CRAZY.
by Jcm GanG May 14, 2018
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JCMS, otherwise known as Joyce Clark Middle School. Is a school located in Sierra Vista, Arizona full of complete potheads 13 year old whores, and SPED kids that still play Minecraft. The school is a complete hell hole where teachers are hired off of the streets. There are many drug dealers, and some kids even vape and smoke DURING SCHOOL! The school starts at 9 a.m. so kids can get a shit ton of sleep unless they are careless and stay up until 2 a.m. Overall the school sucks, I do not recommend you to allow your kids to go here. If your kids go here they can likely end up being drug addicts, who are not virgins at the age of 12.
by David Blight December 04, 2018
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