JC's are wow-sweet, smart, sooo hot, trustworthy -- JC is the coolest person that ever has touched the face of the earth.
Everyone who has a JC in their life is so lucky and better never let them go. Oh, they are also great kissers and have a freaking unbelievable body to die for -- just amazing in bed... Shisha-zisah, wuff wuff !! Super fresh !

JC's are also often the kind of guy who fingers girls for fun on amusement park rides and at art gallery showings.... Notoriously a big flirt and all JC wants is to Get In Someone's Pants. Definitely someone who you could have intercourse with for seven hours and still want more more more !!

They definitely can be Fuckboy's
who are outstandingly good at flirting and who also have many friends who hate him behind his back because he steals their girl's hearts.
'OMG… I hope you are not a JC kind of Guy'

'Yo dude did you see that guy, JC, I'm no homo but I wanna be just like him'
by Kelly baby December 14, 2018
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Some stupid cunt who likes to play golf all the time. Often found with a gigantic erect cock upon the forehead, JC likes to fuck midgets and eat cow shit. JC can also be found in his local nursery, looking for children to steal and take back to his dirty grotto, located in his basement. In this grotto, he uses all kinds of sex toys, brushes, cucumbers and other pole shaped objects to screw his victims up the bum and even in the eye. He also like orange juice.
by Sarsauki July 28, 2010
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short for jerk club - the act of pissing people off consisting of mostly illegal activities.
Let's jc tonight.
by Trillo October 28, 2001
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