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An abnormal bulge or ballooning of your blood vessels which if untreated, can rupture. Janeurysm's are caused by prolonged exposure to political rantings delivered by elected officials of limited intelligence who have been unable and/or unwilling to maintain viability in a progressive society representative of current times. Frequently this defect is the direct result of inbreeding, rural living,involvement in organized religion, and home schooling. Janeurysm's were first discovered in a small population of people in Arizona in 2010; most often Democrats, Hispanics, Gays and Lesbians, college graduates, and anyone who has not suffered major head trauma or has been lobotomized. NIH directly attributes the steady increase of reported cases to the appointment of Jan Brewer as Arizona Governor, specifically her racist positions, hatred of minorities and the poor, her pro life, pro gun, anti gay policies, her uncanny resemblance to the Crypt Keeper, her chronic halitosis, flatulence (both anal and vaginal), bad grammar, inability to enunciate multi-syllabic words, and her incessant desire to become relevant on the national stage believing that anyone who has not ever fucked a farm animal is interested in anything she has to say.
After 15-minutes of listening to Mitch McConnell ramble on about Obamacare, I had to leave the room or risk a janeurysm.
by Finn Gerbang January 07, 2015
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The headache you feel waking up at 4pm on New years day after drinking all night for new years eve.
I drank so much last night for new year's eve, I woke up with a Janeurysm.
by InSilicoRW January 05, 2019
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