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Just Ask Her Out. It's the answer to any relationship problem. Became the catchphrase of frequenters of The Elder Scrolls Forums' Community Discussion board during an outbreak of relationship threads.
Guy 1: Guys, I have this relationship problem. It's about this girl...

Guy 2: JAHO!
by WTFK? May 03, 2009
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The 2 Jehovah's witnesses that come to your house Saturday mornings to give you their pamplets
I saw 2 Jahoes in black suits knocking on my door, I thought it was the feds so I microwaved my hard drive.
by tjon March 06, 2007
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Acronym for 'Just Ask Her Out'

Often used to make things awkward when someone can't muster up the courage to express how they feel.
Liam: "Hi"
Hannah "Hi"
Passer-by: "JAHO!"
by Trophozoite March 25, 2009
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1)Japanese Whore, Japanese black "hafu"

2) Representative of the Japanese woman who whore'd herself away to have disgusting abominations in the form of half homo erectus (black or any other brown subspecies), half whore children. Can be used on Japanese females who have relations with apes also.

3)Name for children born out of am/bf as most if not all black women are natural born whores.
Look at that Jaho over there, isn't she Miss Japan?

No matter what they call her she'll always be a filthy Jaho.
via giphy
by H4rdTr\/th February 17, 2018
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