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Just Another Fucking Aucklander

a person from Auckland, New Zealand

pronouned jaff-fa
the JAFAs are losing the rugby
by anonymous_jo September 15, 2005
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1. Any self-centred, loud-mouthed Aucklander.

2. Any Aucklander.
Jafa's are kool. Yay for Jafa's.
by iver December 27, 2006
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An Aucklander
Most New Zealanders seem to forget that if it wasn't for JAFAs, the country would well and truly turn to shit, you ungreatful wanks.
by sloanie June 06, 2004
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Used to refer to Auckland, New Zealand, or the people who live in Auckland.

For those outside Auckland: Just Another Fucking Aucklander
For those inside Auckland: Just Amazing Fun-filled Auckland
Don't listen to him... he's just a JAFA
by Bob terwilliger February 20, 2005
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one who lives in, or was born in Auckland, New`Zealand- Just Another Fucking Aucklander. Jafas drink only lattes (because they're trendy, or course). Jafas have their own accent, with the end of their sentence rising up in pitch, as if asking a question. she-jafas drive large SUV's around the city by themselves, while driving eratically, and cutting off any vehicle smaller than hers. The closest this car will ever come fo off-road is a large puddle on the motorway.
friend: Fuck! that peroxide bitch just cut me off!
me: probably a jafa...
by Nereid9 April 02, 2006
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New Zealand (Excluding Auckland)slang for the bastards that live in Auckland.
That person needs to learn how to drive, or maybee they're a Jafa!
by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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