Just Another Fucking Aucklander

a person from Auckland, New Zealand

pronouned jaff-fa
the JAFAs are losing the rugby
by anonymous_jo September 15, 2005
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1. Any self-centred, loud-mouthed Aucklander.

2. Any Aucklander.
Jafa's are kool. Yay for Jafa's.
by iver December 28, 2006
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Used to refer to Auckland, New Zealand, or the people who live in Auckland.

For those outside Auckland: Just Another Fucking Aucklander
For those inside Auckland: Just Amazing Fun-filled Auckland
Don't listen to him... he's just a JAFA
by Bob terwilliger February 21, 2005
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An Aucklander
Most New Zealanders seem to forget that if it wasn't for JAFAs, the country would well and truly turn to shit, you ungreatful wanks.
by sloanie June 7, 2004
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An ironic use of an acronym to abbreviate "Just Another Fucking Acronym"
by Fucronymist April 18, 2011
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1 - Calling an individual a JAFA

2 - Referring to someone as a JAFA
by Prefabricated Hemp April 6, 2006
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