the name of a small gang responsible for terroizing the city with there good looks and obnoxious charm. also for defacing streets and signs.
"that hoe just kissed my boyfied"
its okay shes from j block
if you say anything she'll kick your @ss!!
"ohh. my bad"
damn straight
by J-breezyy August 5, 2008
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The J block is very unenthusiastic now that James Blake is losing.
by Koheran July 11, 2008
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Derived from the US prison system, J-Block refers to the housing project building in Fairfield, CT. It is one of the highest crime center in the Northeast and is the home of many notorious Bridgeport and New Haven gang leaders. Drug infested and full of discouraged citizens, J-Block represents one of the aspects of society the media blocks from the public.
Oh shit, you're living in J-Block next year? What happened?
by Slim522 March 30, 2010
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This is the art of being cock blocked by a guy when making advances on another guy. Usually they guys are two close friends and the one blocking you wants you for himself.
If I was making advances on this guy I was attracted to and a mutual friend came in and was J Blocking me.
by Mistress of Darkness March 6, 2010
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what ever you want it to be.
wat up j block or where did you get those j blocks.
by j block October 15, 2007
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Is an award winning Broadway actress who is best known for her role of Elphaba in the hit blockbuster musical "Wicked". She was the first Elphaba, even though many people think Idina Menzel was. She has a powerhouse voice and belts amazingly. Other theatre credits are Liza Minelli in the musical "The Boy From Oz", Grace O'Malley "The Pirate Queen", and Judy Bernly in "9 to 5: The Musical". Her fans call themselves 'Blockheads'.
Stephanie J. Block is the best Elphaba ever! She has such power and force!
by iMaBlOcKhEaD July 20, 2009
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A very talented broadway actress who is currently starring as Elphaba in the touring production of Wicked. Has an amazing voice and can sing into the stratosphere. Very often gets compared to Idina Menzel as they sound very similar.

During a rehearsal of Wicked in Toronto, there was an accident with the cables and she fell, supported only by the right side of her body. She had major tissue damage and is still recovering, thus causing her to take a break from the tour and miss the L.A. and S.F. productions.
Stephanie j. Block is an amazing singer and actress.
by Kelly617 July 13, 2005
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