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A lower stage of the Bofa, Ligma, Sugma epidemic. But still very contagious and hard to cure. Must pass it on to cure, or else you may contract one of the higher level diseases.

Can be transfered Physically, Mentally on some Professor X shit, and through The Internet/Social Media.

Sounds like the phrase “Eat My...”

Can be followed up with: Ass, Nuts, Dick, etc.
Patient Suffering from Itma: “Hey bro, I heard you got Itma.”

Victim to disease: “The fuck is itma?”

Patient, now cured of Itma:”Itma Ass Bitch! Trick ass hoe.”

*The Victim now has Itma and will try to spread it to someone else.*
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Acronym for "If That Makes Any Sense". Used as a qualifier for potentially ambiguous or offensive or otherwise unclear comments.
I'd come to your party this weekend, but based on your group of friends I'm guessing it will suck. ITMAS.
by SeaNote July 09, 2010
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