Words used by ni🅱️🅱️as who watch memes. Ligma (Lesoil Institolis Genis Madic Amur) and Sugma (Sluzp Untes Genis Madic Amut) are deadly diseases and have killed at least 5 people on the world by now. Also words found in memes such as „ligma balls“ and „sugma ballsack“ .
Friend: Hey you know what the fuck ligma is bro?
Me an intellectual: ligma fuckin balls lmao


Friend: hey bro know what fricked sugma is?
Me: sugma fucking ballsack bro lol

Ligma, Sugma
by JustYeetedLmao January 9, 2019
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A word used by mentally challenged 20-something year olds who think they are funny...
Yeah you can Ligma, sugma
by Kabug November 17, 2018
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