One of the worst happenings known to mankind.
Bob: Hey, why are your hands in your pockets?
Jane: Oh I'm, trying to discreetly scratch my itchy balls
by the SUITer January 14, 2010
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When the testicles become itchy and a scratch is needed. IBS stands for itchy ball syndrome. Only happens in males.
Person 1; I have ibs today

person 2: would you like me to help?

Person 3: I know someone who can help with your Itchy Ball Syndrome.
by Japher February 3, 2010
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when your balls are so itchy so u start playing the conga drums
some random guy : my balls itch why do they have to be so hairy
*random guy find conga drums*
some random guy : i hope this will help itch my balls
*starts playing the conga drums to help his itchy conga balls*
by leeisnotfunny November 6, 2021
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