Originally stated by Admiral Ackbar in Starwars, it has now become a Meme on the Internet.
When I found out the hot chick was really a man, I screamed "It's a Trap"
by Patrick Hannah July 2, 2003
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A phrase mentioned by Admiral Ackbar in "Return of the Jedi", in which states the obvious: The Rebel fleet fell under a trap set up by the Imperial Navy. Now used in several message boards as a multi-purpose phrase
Admiral Ackbar: "Take evasive action. Green Group, stay close to holding sector MD-7."
Crewman: "Admiral, we have enemy ships in sector 47!"
Ackbar: "It's a trap!"
by the somewhereman January 11, 2006
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A phrase used to describe a situation where someone mistakes a man/transsexual for an attractive woman.
Guy 1: Oh Man.. I'd totally tap that!
Guy 2: Dude..That's a dude...
Guy 1: It's a trap!
by Emmahh_Envy March 1, 2010
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Reference to a joke which is so unfunny, it belongs in It's A Trap, which is the third Star Wars parody made by the Creators of Family Guy. It is a terrible film and hence why said joke belongs there.
Will: Yo momma so fat she had a heart valve replacement!
Simon: It's a Trap

Ryan: Yo momma so poor she homeless!
Simon: That definitely belongs in It's a Trap
by FreakyBeaver January 25, 2011
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A ghetto place that if you stay there too long you get trapped there. The people and circumstances bring you down. You make friends with someone they ask you for a ride to work. You get profiled and pulled over. Dude has drugs on him and sticks it in your glove box. Cops arrest both of you. Now you got a felony and can't get financial aid to go to college. You end up working at the local McDonald's. Now you trapped. Dude asks you for a ride to work because it's the trap and doesn't want to walk. You say no. He gets fired for being late. Now you got beef and get mugged by his homies. Now you scared to go outside so you don't get mugged again. So you stay in the house and it feels like you are trapped there. That's the trap house. A lot of times people end up selling drugs in the trap house. They fortify it with armed people making little safe places in an otherwise dangerous area.
Nobody wants to live in the trap.

You can take a man out the trap, but can't take what the trap did out of the man.
by Ghetto translator March 21, 2017
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To sell drugs inorder to make money and support oneself.
Im broke, so i guess i gotta start trapping
by trapGawdess June 22, 2015
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A hustle, a grind, Legal or Illegal means of getting money by any means necessary.
by Janooskii February 13, 2017
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