something to be yelled in dead silence when something is about to happen, like at a play or something.
Scene: Hedgerow Theater. Guy is about to sit down. Pat Fallon-"it's a trap!"
by pat fallon November 01, 2010
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used when something could potentially have a bad outcome. This thing must be obviously and/or previously discussed as almost exactly what the above definition states, if not, exactly.
person 1: don't go in this room
person 2: (to person 3) what happens when we DO go in?
person 3: idk, but I think there's something dangerous in there...
person 2: IT'S A TRAP!!!
by ...!... June 20, 2010
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
Something General Ackbar yells in the game Star Wars: Rougue Squadron, has recently become an internet phenomenon.
Go to www.itsatrap.net
by iheartterror January 15, 2004
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Reference to a joke which is so unfunny, it belongs in It's A Trap, which is the third Star Wars parody made by the Creators of Family Guy. It is a terrible film and hence why said joke belongs there.
Will: Yo momma so fat she had a heart valve replacement!
Simon: It's a Trap

Ryan: Yo momma so poor she homeless!
Simon: That definitely belongs in It's a Trap
by FreakyBeaver January 25, 2011
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