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What overly-sensitive people say when somebody says the truth about their bad taste or calls something out for what it is. Even when you give them the facts, they'll still just complain how "everybody should respect their opinion", somehow trying to convince themselves that their opinion is the truth when it clearly isn't. Usually these people are under the age of 19, and you can find them mostly on the internet, (because they're too chicken to argue with you in person.)

Luke: I think Kanye West is a top 5 rapper of all time
Bill: Dude, he's not. There's no way Kanye is a top 5 rapper of all time, you'd have to be pretty stupid to believe something like that. Kanye doesn't even write his own lyrics, so he can't be the best.
Luke: Damn, can't you just respect my opinion? I think Kanye is a top 5 rapper of all time, it's my opinion! I don't care if you don't like it!
Bill: Yes, but that doesn't make it correct and it doesn't make Kanye being a top 5 rapper any closer to the truth. So if it helps you sleep at night cool, but at the end of the day it's factually incorrect.
by Icy Wyte June 14, 2018
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