A phrase used by American Recording Artist Britney Spears on her 2007 single "Gimme More" and on Will.i.am's 2013 single "Scream and Shout", on which Spears is featured. The phrase instantly became a pop culture icon, garnering titles such as the "Holy Phrase" in popular music. The phrase has been used all over in the media since it's 2007 release, and may very well be one of the most recognizable taglines in history. The phrase marked a career change for Spears, turning her "not-so-innocent" image into full-fledged "femme fatale". It has recently been revealed that "It's Britney, bitch" wasn't planned, and was rather a joke between Britney and her crew that she decided to use. The phrase has even been parodied by Spears herself, in a Halloween sketch where Britney replaced "bitch" with "witch", while dancing with axes and riding a broomstick in front of a green screen.
1) "It's Britney, bitch" -Gimme More
2) "You are now-now rocking with, Will.i.am and Britney, bitch" -Scream and Shout
3) *Steve Carell drives up to the camera, blasting Lady Gaga* "It's Britney, Bitch" -The Office (U.S.), an example of the phrase's usage in the media
by remixney March 20, 2016
Popularized but the infamous Britney Spears but can be used for many occasions, even if your name isn’t Britney. (WARNING: when using this term you may look super white and super cliche but sometimes you just have to)
Amelia, Mateo and Sofía walk into a dressing room. Mateo and Sofía wait outside while Amelia try’s on some clothes.
Amelia: *steps out of dressing stall dramatically* ITS BRITNEY BITCH

Mateo: wow that was an amazing use of it’s britney bitch to show us that you want to make a dramatic enterance while being snazzy and classy all at once.
Sofía: go home Mateo
by saltyamelia May 12, 2018
A phrase popularized by Britney Spears, frequently quoted in several of her songs. Very fun to say and make an inside joke out of, especially if your name is Britney.
Girl 1: What's that 1 girl's name? Is it Brandy? Brown?
Girl 2: No, I think it's Whitney. Isn't she a smartass?

Girl 3 (whose name is Britney): (walks over)it's Britney bitch!!!! (beats girls 1-2 up with a glare that Impales their worthless souls and kicks their vaginas)
by Fuzzykittens321 November 24, 2013
The first line of the Britney Spears' song "Gimme More," a successful single for the pop superstar. Just substitute your name for Britney's and you have yourself a catchphrase.
Arriving at a party, take time to announce yourself: "Hey, it's Jane, bitch!"
Or if you are a tabloid newswriter, use "It's Britney, bitch!" as your headline for the Next Big Story.
by Princess Emeraldstar September 25, 2007
When a bi guy isn't out as bi yet but tells girls about his bisexual threesome strap-on fantasies.
Charlotte: Ben is such a Britney Bitch
Lara: Omg did he tell u about the strap-on saga too?
by TopWanker101 April 11, 2020
This day is on October 22nd for all the Britney bitches out there. So go, go celebrate Britney bitches! U are worthy.
Hey Britney guess what! What Britney? It’s National Britney Bitch Day!!
by Roblox1800 October 23, 2019