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bitch in Spanish. Typically used by Spanish speakers or under the radar by white 10 year olds.
Sally: OMG Britney your totally a perra!!
Britney: LOL Sally! What does that mean?!
Sally: It means *hushed whisper* B-I-T-C-H in Spanish!!

Britney: OMG Sally!! You’re so naughty!!
by saltyamelia May 12, 2018
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Popularized but the infamous Britney Spears but can be used for many occasions, even if your name isn’t Britney. (WARNING: when using this term you may look super white and super cliche but sometimes you just have to)
Amelia, Mateo and Sofía walk into a dressing room. Mateo and Sofía wait outside while Amelia try’s on some clothes.
Amelia: *steps out of dressing stall dramatically* ITS BRITNEY BITCH

Mateo: wow that was an amazing use of it’s britney bitch to show us that you want to make a dramatic enterance while being snazzy and classy all at once.
Sofía: go home Mateo
by saltyamelia May 12, 2018
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