The script to the famous vine by Jimmy Here, where, wearing a spiderman costume and a pair of swimming goggles, he thinks aloud about the week he's wasted after stating how far in the week we have come.
me: it is wednesday, my dudes
my friend, finishing each other's sandwich: aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
by master_of_the_house May 22, 2020
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"It is Wednesday my dudes"
by jjbranco April 17, 2016
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it is Wednesday my dudes is a sentence that people who like memes say when it is Wednesday.But it doesn't need to be someone who likes memes it can also be for an example: a VSCO girl an e girl a anime girl or a horse girl etc.For example my friend Amber an anime girlsays it too.
Everybody having a nice day.
Me-yay I guess...
(It becomes a meme every morning.)
by Nevena Dulo 7F lol December 24, 2019
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