Marcus: DOM!!!!!!
*Blast and explosion*
Dizzy: We have to go!!!
*later that day*
Marcus: It goes up
by XDeaDlyXWhizperX May 20, 2012
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when you threaten a boy that if he doesn't stop being a douche bag, you will grab where his cup is, and the push up, it hurts a lot worse than actually hitting someone in that spot.
" do you know how it feels when your cup goes up? if you don't stop being stupid i will show you."
by trrinaa. January 13, 2009
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"What was it called, the, eh, the Mark That Goes Up. Y'know? The Floating Comma?"
by JayScribesScript March 18, 2019
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The time during the doning of the condom.

Signifying that things were getting serious and action could occur soon.

Popularized use of observation balloons during the first World War. The sight of such a large balloon going up nearly always resulted in a barrage of juice/shells following soon after.

The expression was re-inforced during WW2 when the hoisting of barrage balloons was part of the preparations for an air-raid notifying the gunners it is safe to to open fire.
Chuck always gets excited when the balloon goes up.

I heard the ballon was going up over at your place the other day. Yeah, I heard that Xi put the balloon up quickly and Biden wasn't quite ready to take it.

President Biden when Xi's balloon went up:

"We’re Going to Take Care of It"
by That one dude..!@gh February 6, 2023
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It means exactly what it seems. A simple and common proverbial phrase, arguing what goes up must come down.

The example below is an except from 'Human Traffic' (1998), an independent British film said by character Jib.
What goes up must come down, and down, and down. Everyone looks ill at the end of the night. All have lost the power of speech, desperately avoiding eye contact. Your new soulmate, that you have been talking cod shit to for the past five hours about the story of creation or the fourth Star Wars film, is now a complete stranger.
by ArousedPopeye January 13, 2015
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It’s what you say after you hit a jackpot in Las Vegas, NV and with DLucky.
DLucky—-“you just got TOP DOLLAR (a bonus spin on a slot machine) so “When the thumb goes up you know it’s just like that”
Gambler—-“fuck yeah bro, this shit is real!”
DLucky—-“hit play!”
by @bigtruk August 1, 2023
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