Popularly spelt Erma
Origin: German.

Meaning Goddess of War.

Usually tending to be quiet, but has a harsh tongue when required. Tries to be friendly, but can be easily misunderstood. Great in bed.
"Man, that girls fights like an Irma!"
by December 15, 2011
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The coolest girl you'll ever meet. Usually friendly but if you annoy her don't expect her to say "Go away" nicely.

When she isn't tired she is the life of the party and won't stop laughing. When talking to her there is no way to get bored

Ek is leif vir jou Irma :D
by That Guy90918 March 04, 2012
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Southern pronunciation of Ima as in "I'm going to"
This hurricane is gettin real so Irma hit the road y'all good right?
by Jim Hadley Jr. September 04, 2017
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The hurricane after Harvey and before Jose! Apparently the strongest one ever recorded in the Atlantic.
by smithryansmithryan September 08, 2017
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Irma is the most beautiful human being on earth. She makes everyone smile. If you meet her. You WILL fall in love. She is the cutest and the funniest girl in your school. She will give you anxiety over you being not good enough. Because there is no human on earth who deserves a girl like Irma.
Guy1: Do you like someone in school?
Guy2: Well I'm in love with Irma. But I now I don't have a chance on her. No one does.
Guy1: I was going to say the exact same thing!
by AguywholovesIrma May 23, 2019
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Irma is smart, good sense of humor,
gorgeous, nice, sexy, bitchy, amazing in
bed, modest, peppy,very beautiful inside and out, caring, loveable, sporty, talkative, emotional,
confident, trustworthy, great GirlFriend,
clean, fun, thoughtful, active, energetic,
happy, adorable, hardworking, kissable
Irma is one of most athletic girl i know.
by callmedragon April 03, 2009
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a person who is very smart, beautiful, sexy, and great in bed. everyone wishes they were an irma.
by girll159 March 01, 2009
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